How To Save Money On Your Online Purchases

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Looking to save on your the financial part of your digital journey?

Whether you're just looking for a bargain or need to save some serious money on your online purchases what-so-ever, we'll here cover not one... Not two.. Not three... But a whole LIST of about 25+ different money-saving & price-comparing apps to pair with your online purchases, for optimal and effective discounts!

As a customer, we want to save as much as possible... Right?? as customers we're always aiming for deals online, hence why many opts-in to webshops' newsletters because they are luring us with 10-15% off our first order with their company, in exchange for our email.

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Customers are always looking for the best deals when investing in a product. Normally customers like you and us use price comparison apps and websites to find the best price for the product they’re looking to buy. With countless price comparison websites on the market, it’s never been easier for your customers to find the best prices around. As an online retailer, you can learn to master the art of product pricing by analyzing how your competitors price their products. In this article, you’ll find the best price comparison websites and apps on the market.

What Is Price Comparison?

Price comparison is in essence when the price of the same product is compared in different outlets, across different brands.

Comparison shopping is a habit that customers have developed that helps them finds the best deals online. With a tonne of price comparison shopping engines and discount shopping websites, it’s becoming increasingly simpler as technologies evolve for customers to find the best deals online.

Whether they’re looking to compare flight prices or hotel prices for a vacation they're looking to have, or they’re simply looking to compare local supermarket prices to see where they can get the best deals. Everything is becoming attainable through price comparison search engines like Pricerunner And Google shopping just to name a couple...

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Google shopping is actually a great resource for store owners looking to find competitors selling similar products and compare product pricing between each other....

However, Although google may be a big player in this category... Pricerunner are as a matter of fact, the number one price comparison site in the Sweden, Denmark, UK and a leading player in  France, Germany and Austria. They reach millions of shoppers across Europe through cross-border commerce.

Selecting Pricerunner as one of your sales channels means you gain access to a strong customer base & brand built through their efficient service.

There's even been a study, that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product when it comes to online shopping.

SOME shoppers tend to visit at least three websites before making their purchase decision. As a general rule, the more money that a customer is planning to spend on a product, the longer they’re probably going to be searching for the best deals online. For instance, when it comes to smartphones, customers tend to spend much longer to compare prices, than when they compare book prices. That’s why it’s no surprise that searching for iPhone price comparisons is a very popular search engines when you think about it.

In fact, Close to 70% of one of OUR competitors, the almighty online ecommerce shopping giant, Amazon's customers tend to compare prices of products found on a company’s website before making their purchase. Online shoppers are becoming smarter as they increase their digital devices. 

Their ability to research product prices on a myriad of platforms means that they pay the price they perceive a product to be worth. This gives customers a way to have a say in the products that they buy.

Yahoo services

Anyways, Let us show you the tools to save...  The good ol' Yahoo email & social media-giant also has their own SHOPPING engine! It's simply called Yahoo shopping

Yahoo Shopping’s price comparison website is similar to Google Shopping as we mentioned above. 

Google shopping logo

There’s absolutely no doubt that Google is top of the list when it comes to comparing shopping engines, between the two. Store owners can even add their products to Google Shopping to drive more & consistent traffic back to their stores. 

Due to this advantage many dropshippers have added their products to Google Shopping. and thus customers are able to sort products based on price and seller. It's brilliant.

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You can really trust Google to always do their best. Google scrapes data from all around the web, and presents it to you in a way that’s manageable for you to use it.

Products are automatically listed based on the lowest price showing as the first option, but if you’re not fond of a particular retailer, you can expand the options and see the full table comparison. 

Back to Yahoo shopping... As mentioned, store owners can add their products to the platform as mentioned with google shopping. You’ll find products sold by all sorts of brands like Walmart and(Yes, again) Amazon on the platform.

The Yahoo comparison shopping engine is fairly easy to use. You simply have to enter the product you’re looking for into the search bar and you’ll be presented with pages of results matching your search query.

And then there's shopzilla

shopzilla logo

The US brand operate a string of shopping comparison websites, with millions of monthly visitors. Depending on your target audience and country, Due to this shopzilla is certainly also one of the best choices for e-commerce merchants looking for some extra sales.

They have tens of  millions of products listed on their site, so the selection is wide (as is the competition!) - they currently operate websites serving consumers and retailers in the U.S, UK, French and German markets. Check them out NOW.

Next we have "Shopalike"

shopalike logo

it is run by Visual Meta GmbH and is also an online shopping website... They display products from multiple online stores, to save their customers and visitors' time and money. And over 3500 online stores currently use ShopAlike, with more than 2 million products listed across 13 countries in Europe.

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bizrate website display

Then there's Bizrate. BizRate allows it's customers to find the best prices, set price alerts and search through countless deals on their price comparison search engine.

Whether customers are looking for a specific product or just to scroll through collections, BizRate’s platform offers a great variety of product deals. When it comes to the best price comparison shopping engines, although it mostly focuses on technical gadgets outdoor merchandise.

BizRate is definitely high up on the list to many people. This is because of its user friendly website and wide range of results. A few features that make BizRate stand out include the option to download links to PDF user manuals for hundreds of it's devices and gadgets. It also has a price alert feature, which is quite simple to use. All you have to do is enter your email address and a price threshold, and BizRate will notify you whenever the price of your selected product has fallen within your alert range. Cool right??

Next up is a rather odd fella(If you ask us)... Ever heard of a thing called "Camecamelcamel"? Nope? we hadn't either... Till now.

camelcamelcamel logo

In any case. CamelCamelCamel is a price comparison platform. This time, for Amazon. Customers can look through great deals that motivate them into an impulse purchase. The website lists the current price, the average price from various sellers and the list price to show the customers the deal they’re getting from buying the product on Amazon. Cool huh?

It also features product price drops which can be valuable for store owners looking to get an edge on the competitive side. The greatest thing about this comparison shopping engine is that if you want to compare Amazon prices, you’ll also be presented with “3rd Party New” and “3rd Party Used” product prices, so that you can find the best deals online. That’s why, if you’re looking for a fast Amazon price check, CamelCamelCamel is the right comparison shopping engine for you... And on top of all that, they also run a blog.

nextag icon

About Nextag... NextTag is one of the oldest comparison shopping engines out there today.

This price comparison website allows customers to set price alerts, compare sellers, find similar products, and lots more...So get going if you want a killer deal!

Customers can find the best deals from sites like Amazon and eBay. Many dropshipping products are on NextTag’s platform, thus allowing dropshippers to see popular product pricing. logo

Pronto can in essence be a useful price comparison website... Although primarily mostly for store owners. When you search for products on Pronto, you’ll find a variety of websites selling similar products like Walmart, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and more. You can use popular retailer’s pricing as a guide for your own online store. This comparison shopping engine lets you compare prices online by pulling product data from thousands of stores across the web. You can therefore use a bunch of filters to alter your search results and compare prices online to get the best deals online. Neat huh? logo

This pretty self explanatory website, very conviniently focuses on SHOPPING(Duh)!

Although is an international price comparison website that is part of the eBay group. With its own product catalog from thousands of retailers, it can offer you a great research base to choose the right prices for your products. Users get a great comparison and shopping experience

Pricespy logo

(aka Price Spy in the UK) are a leading price and product comparison service, present in 9 countries. Their promise is apparently that the lowest price will always be displayed to the consumer at the top of all product pages, as nobody can pay their way to a higher ranking in the price list. 

They also offer a thorough shop and product reviews written by other users to give everyone the best purchasing options. 

Idealo logo depicted

Idealo is a price comparison UK website that shows the best product prices from popular sites like  eBay and(Again) Amazon. Dropshippers are likely to find items they sell on this price comparison website. Shipping prices are listed with the product price showing dropshippers the total cost of the product for a customer.

This price comparison website is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is search for your desired product in the search bar, and you’ll get loads of pages worth of products, with their price listed below them. If you click on any individual item, you’ll get product descriptions, the number of offers they have, reviews and even international prices.

Pricechecker searchbar image

PriceChecker is a UK price comparison website that allows you to compare prices of electronics, entertainment, household goods, fashion and so on... Store owners can benefit from having their products featured on the website as not all products have competition. Some products on the site only have one retail price while others allow customers to compare prices.

Skinflint logo

Skinflint is a price comparison tool dropshippers can use to compare pricing for products in the UK. You can search popular items you then sell in the search bar and you’ll be shown the product pricing for various different retailers. The price comparison website shows the best pricing in the UK and the EU. If you sell to a European audience, you might find this website handy.

shop to it ca logo

So, Shop To It is a price comparison website that allows Canadians to find the best prices locally and online. Customers can even choose to search products within their own province or territory.  Customers can then find the best deals from ecommerce sites such as Amazon,, Overstock, Zazzle and more.

price-bat logo

Another CANADIAN price comparing software that allows Canadians to monitor aand lookout for price comparisons within the computers and electronics niche. From ink cartridges to tv mounts, customers can find the best product pricing to save more money. Each item lists it’s lowest and highest product price for each individual product. Customers will then see the price variation between brands to know where they should buy the product they seek.

shop wiki banner #2

Shop Wiki’s is very conveniently exactly what it says, a price comparison app that allows you to see product prices from countless stores. You’ll find prices from big brands like Groupon, Amazon, Wayfair, Target, and so on... To use this comparison shopping engine, you have to simply search the product you’re looking for in the search bar, and within seconds you’ll get lists of results relating to your search query. You can filter your choice by narrowing the price range, or setting your own price range. Also, you can limit your search to specific categories, or select your preferred merchants.

paylessdeal logo

PayLessDeal is one of the best price comparison websites on the Australian market. Australians can very easily find great deals on millions of products. The price comparison website has countless product categories listed on their website making it more likely that dropshipping products are on the platform. Store owners interested in doing some market research can easily find what products local Australian businesses are selling.

getprice logo

A popular price comparison website in Australia is GetPrice. Customers can compare product prices in popular niches such as electronics, clothing and fashion, books and more. They cover product prices for various cities within Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and more. Retailers in Australia can stay competitive by monitoring other Australian businesses.

gimmie banner

Gimme Shopping Australia is(again) a great Australian price comparison website that allows it's customers to find the best product prices online. Store owners can choose to have their products listed on the platform for free. They pride themselves in being an ad free platform to avoid biasing their customers(Awesome!). The platform can help store owners drive more consistent traffic back to their online stores. However, you will need to pay a commission for traffic that leads to sales.

Shopsavvy logo barcode

ShopSavvy is a price comparison app that allows you to scan barcodes in stores. You’ll be able to see prices for both physical and online stores. The app does a price comparison, showcases product reviews, and even helps customers find the best deals. But it’s functions don’t end there. This comparison shopping engine is actually also allowing you to set up notifications for specific categories, items, or searches so that you always get notified instantly if there’s a sale on your selected items, or if it’s available in store again. As one of the most popular price comparison apps, ShopSavvy now has over 100 million downloads. The platform receives over 50 million product scans each month from active users.

Pricepirates P

PricePirates shows customers the best prices for products on Amazon,, and eBay. This app comes in handy if you’re looking to compare prices such places like Amazon. All you have to do is enter your product name in the search bar, and you’ll be given a list of products that matches your search query. You’ll be able to compare prices with products available on Amazon,, and eBay. AliExpress dropshippers are actually likely to find the products they sell on one of these apps.

Notably, suppliers are likely to be the ones offering the best product prices on these platforms. Thus, as a store owner, you likely wouldn’t try to compete with the prices on these platforms.

Buyvia logo

BuyVia’s price comparison app shows the best prices from sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and lots more. Customers can scan barcodes and QR codes. Customers can then also customize the app to only show relevant offers and products. This price comparison shopping app also notifies you when there are sales on the categories of products that you select when you initially set up the app. Another thing you can do is create price drop alerts for any specific items, to get the best price guarantee for the products that you’re looking for.

BuyVia’s price comparison app might not actually have the best looking results page, especially in comparison to the other apps on this list, but the thing is that it usually shows you options that other price comparison apps might not. For instance, if you are looking to compare book prices, the BuyVia app will list used books, as well as brand new ones, giving you a wider choice of selections.

pricena image

Pricena is also a great price comparison app for those in the Middle East, Nigeria, or South Africa. If your online store sells to these countries, monitoring product prices on this app can help you stay competitive. You can also use their website to search product pricing. Their app instance shows reviews, price fluctuations, product details, and more. This price comparison app is super helpful if you’re looking to compare prices for the ecommerce giant Amazon. You can use it for all sorts of product categories like fashion, sports, laptops, or even for an iPhone price comparison.

Scanlife illustration

The ScanLife price comparison app allows customers to scan product barcodes directly to find the best deals. Customers can also receive rewards allowing store owners an opportunity to reward customers for loyalty. This price comparison app is also very user-friendly as the main screen is a barcode scanner, which means you can scan items straight away as you open the app. Cool huh?

shopmania banner

ShopMania’s Google Play price comparison app allows it's customers to see the deals and promotions within their country. Your customers can then compare prices within various product categories or search for specific products. They can also create wish lists for future reference and scan products to find the best prices on the market.

Quick scan image

The last price comparison app, Quick Scan is available on both Google Play and iOS. The app has product prices for thousands of popular retailers. Customers will be able to find the lowest prices online or in store. They can then scan a range of barcodes to find the best price of a product found in store. Customers can sort scanned items by price or by store. This price comparison app actually lets you scan both barcodes and QR codes, which means you’ll be just a scan away from finding the best price guarantee.

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