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Partner With Anthony Program

So, what is this program...? It is basically a way to start a business through, you guessed it, partnering with , Anthony. - Right off the bat, he goes into details about what to expect from this program, and asks you to go ahead and "connect" with him on social media, in order to benefit of his various trainings, such as the "Success connection" which is a free feature training he does once every week which he empathizes as one of the more or less HELPFUL key components, in the process of you succeeding with this exact business program.... As well as preparing to take notes. Which he claims is part of the PROVEN metrics in this type of business model. 

So what's the big deal? Let's dive in... First of all, joining this program, requires an investment, which you are allowed to choose whether to be a ONE-TIME charge or a slightly less charge, for the exact same information, but ultimately goes on to charge you once every month. - This ONE-TIME price, is $48(By the time this review is being made), OR $7 a month.

Anyways. Right away, you should just go ahead and watch the, "Welcome & first steps from anthony" video to get an idea and overview of the situation. Then on to "Tour your "commission" account" and so on... Our personal advise here(Our advice, not anthony's) is to start slowly, you're building a business here. This is a real business, where you initially work alongside, Anthony to help build your foundation and ultimately profit in collaboration with him(Hence the name).

One of the other key things to note, is that this requires WORK to succeed! This is not a "Get rich quick scheme" this is a real business you are building, as, Anthony makes a big deal out of empathizing throughout the first couple of sessions the course consists of(there's 30 in total). If you are not prepared to put in, just a little bit of work, before the results come in, then WE advise you to just close down this review and find something else now... This IS easy considering everything , but if "get rich by the next couple of months" is what you are seeking, you'll spend a lot of time NOT succeeding. Again, this is a real business model, where, Anthony takes you by the hand for the most part... And also, it is a HONEST and collaborative business model... Meaning,   Anthony does not allow you to market his company while slandering other business companies at the same time(Even though most does it to him). - And so, this just shows you what kind of a person, Anthony really is by heart, you see. So go ahead and study hard for the first couple of days.

Picture of Anthony

Right off the bat, you should just go on ahead and let, Anthony guide you...(That is our recommendation anyways), without taking any physical steps... And again, be prepared to take notes!

One of the very first things, Anthony does, is providing short "Tour your commission account" guidance where he goes into depths about the programs layout and progressing, such as agreeing to the terms & conditions and setting up your payment information so that, Anthony's company can send you payment for people that joins his program through YOUR links! like setting for example, setting up your links inside his "Commission account" his so-called "Marketer CRM" (Which is in a completely different location from his training)

so that you can go and get paid for referring other people to his program.... Now, right off the bat this might sound like a pyramid scheme to you(Which is illegal in the united states), but the program REALLY IS designed to help everyone that comes into it... It's not a pyramid scheme by default. So don't worry about that.

Furthermore you actually have to send in documents filled with your private information regarding public expenses such as taxes, that has to be reviewed and approved, before you can go ahead and get paid for anything... Although this is usually approved fairly quickly, so you probably won't see it as an issue for long. They offer payment by simple paypal or a straight up bank wire transfer. But again, don't worry... Anthony will explain everything inside the training, so just go ahead and watch those first few videos under "Session 1" as a start...

Now... In session 2 one of the very first things, Anthony does, is provide you with a free downloadable copy of his first book,"The hidden millionaire" Which is a MINDSET book that actually also describe's , Anthony's life story, basically describing his whole, from rags-to-riches situation, from struggling teenager to multi-millionaire as of today... But again, the book is primarily focused on MINDSET, as, Anthony himself actually makes a pretty big deal out about empathizing... His NEXT book, is his official guide to affiliate marketing,  simply named "Advertising profits from home".


In case you've read enough to potentially want to join this exciting opportunity, here's the LINK again


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