This is why you should not invest in the cheapest ps5 console

Ps5 console version comparison

Sony’s new game console, Playstation 5, was released on November 19 2020 in two versions – a ‘regular’ and a digital. The regular one has a disk drive for physical games and a suggested retail price of about 4200 danish crowns($675) in the small country, Denmark.

The cheaper digital version costs 3400($547) danish crowns, has no disk drive, and you are therefore forced to download games via Sony’s own Playstation store, PS Store.

And it is a monopoly that can become an expensive pleasure.

Several new titles that were released for 2020 year’s Christmas shopping were consistently about 100 danish crowns($16) more expensive to download in the PS Store compared to the editions of the games, which are sold in physical stores and in online stores.

Save DKK 155($25) on one game
For example, the cheapest, digital version of the football hit ‘FIFA 21’ cost in the region of 579.99 danish crowns($94) as a download in the PS Store, when it was originally released, while it can be bought for 399 danish crowns($65)including shipping on A difference of 180 danish crowns($29)

The long-awaited ‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’, which was released on November 10, 2020 cost in the region of 519 danish crowns($83) in the PS Store. At the time of writing, it could be pre-ordered for 357 danish crowns($57) including shipping. A difference of 162 danish crowns($26).

And even the two-three-year-old big game ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ still costs 539 danish crowns($86) in the PS Store. You can find it for half price elsewhere.

It is probably the few who will go out and have seven big games for the launch, but if the new Playstation 5 lasts for eight years like its predecessor, the savings may well run up.

Other disadvantages

If you choose the digital version, it is also through with buying used games, and should you have a number of physical PS4 games left that you would like to play on your PS5, you will also need a disc drive.

Should good digital offers appear in the PS Store, you can of course still download them via the version that also has a disk drive. No worries

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